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We view Technology as a tool to help enhance the life of every human in the world and work with tech companies to develop long-term goals that disrupt the current monetization models which we strongly feel focus on the consumption of consumer time.  Furthermore, we plan to disrupt the sports industry by changing its Pascale to reflect the true worth of the communities and families that have dedicated their lives and the lives of their children to major sports industries.


Ruben Antilla

Hi, Everyone!

I am still making some important changes to the website, and I would strongly suggest emailing me your interest with "CUR" as your subject line.  Basically, let me know where your student attends school, why your child is interested in learning about the sport, and I will create a lecture room that is conducive to their learning resources while connecting them with like-minded students. (Yes I will send you a classroom-specific syllabus!) This is our first month, so there may not be as many rooms opened this month, but as we move forward, children will be able to find detailed rooms such as Football instead of sports- for example. I have an MBA through the University of Redlands, have been in business operations for over 20 years as an Assistant Manager for a local unionized grocery chain, and worked for years developing business courses, and working with higher education staff to improve course content.  I'm unable to play competitively anymore due to my total knee replacement a few years back.  However, you will find on my videos that I still play doubles with my son recreationally, and the videos will serve as an inspiration to all youth that anything is possible.

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